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Physician Portal

Welcome to the Physician Portal for Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Imaging. We are dedicated to caring for your patients as we would care for our own family. With this goal in mind, we are offering convenient new features to help you in several ways before, during, and after your patient's exam.

Radiologist Hotline - Reach a Radiologist anytime for questions about your patients' imaging needs, before or after their exam. Call (386) 231-5129 for radiologists at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center and Florida Hospital Oceanside. Call (386) 671-4772  for radiologists at at Florida Hospital Imaging - our outpatient imaging center.  

New Lower Self-Pay Pricing - Troubled economic times affect us all. That's why we have lowered our cash pre-paid prices by up to 50 percent. Download a complete list of our cash prices, and help your uninsured or underinsured patients afford the tests they need.


Easy Order Outpatient Reference Guide - This handy online reference was created to help you and your staff with all the patient services you need. Review this guide for CPT Codes for each imaging exam, locations for each modality, insurance authorization guidelines, patient prep and cash prices. Download your copy now!

Online Referral Prescription Forms - E-mail or fax your orders to our scheduling department, or send these forms with your walk-in patients. Download your copy now!  

Interventional Radiology Prescription Form - Download to order everything from PICC lines to atherectomies to UAEs and kyphoplasties. Download your copy now!

Online Scheduling/ Reports iPortal - Want to send referrals electronically and receive images/reports faster than ever before? Our IT Department will set your office up with the connections necessary to do just that!

Pre- Certification Insurance Authorizations - Want help getting pre-authorizations for your patients' exams? Let us do all the work for you! Sign your office up today!

Physician Relations

The Physician Relations team at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center is your one-stop solution for all of the hospital services you and your staff need. 

We save you time.

Our goal is to help you and your office save both time and energy when coordinating patient care efforts with the hospital. We take the time to get to know you and your staff on a personal level so we can better understand and respond to your needs. Try us and see!

We can help you.

We can help you and your staff refer patients to our:

  • Cancer Care
  • Cardiovascular Services
  • Surgical Services
  • Peninsula Rehabilitation
  • Women’s Services
  • BirthCare Center
  • And Much More. 

Whatever your need, just ask us!

Contact us.

We keep you from having to make several phone calls just to help one patient. We stay in constant contact with all our hospital departments to make sure that no matter what service you need to order, we can take care of it as soon as you need it.

Phone: (386) 231-4286
Fax: (386) 676-6115

Mailing Address:
770 W. Granada Blvd., Suite 302
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174